Starting A Running Program When Overweight Level 7

Welcome to the end of the program, it took months but you finally arrived. How do you feel? You have bragging rights now and go tell everyone what you have accomplished. Here are some tips to keep you going:

1.   Set a goal.  For example, run a 5 kilometer race.  Find one in your area
2.   Change your running shoes every 6 months this will help keep you injury free
3.   Always warm up with a walk or slow jog and always stretch after your cool-down
4.   Take a yoga or stretching class to keep you flexible

My next series will be on how to turn a runner into a racer. Thanks for coming to the end of this program.

Week 25    
Walk 2 minutes 
Run 5 minutes 30 seconds & walk 1 minute 3 times
Run 6 mins & walk 1 minute (1 time)  
Cool-down 2 minutes

Week 26    

Walk 2 minutes
Run 6:00 minutes & walk 1 minute (3 times)
Run 7 minutes (1 time)  Cool-down 2 minutes

Week 27   

Walk 1 minute
Run 7 minutes & walk 1 minute (3 times)
Run 8 minutes (1 time)  Cool-down 2 minutes
Week 28    
Walk 1 minute
Run 10 minutes & walk 2 minutes (2 times)
Run 5 minutes (1 time)  Cool-down 2 minutes
Week 29    
Walk 1 minutes
Run 15 minutes & walk 2 minutes (1 time)
Run 5 minutes (1 time)  Cool-down 2 times

Week 30

Walk 1 minutes
Run 20 minutes & walk 2 minutes
Run 5 minutes (1 time)  Cool-down 2 times


  1. I love this program! I haven't been following all along the way, but I'm getting there! Can't wait to call myself a runner!

  2. I am beginning from now and this is so fun doing in home anytime and anywhere,especially in kitchen while cooking.Love this

  3. This is a really sound program and I won't take a lot of time. Thank you for such a good breakdown!


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