How to Start Running (Phase 5)

Week 1 - Week 30
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I have decided to join you and I am on week 3. Running was my primary exercise until I developed plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis develops when the tissue at the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. This tissue called plantar fascia connects your heel bone to your toes and forms the arch of your foot
To ward of the problem this time around, I will be stretching my calf, wearing my orthotics and only running on the treadmill. Hopefully, I will make it to running 20 minutes without this problem manifesting again.

Week 17    Walk 2 minutes    Run 2 minute 30 sec/walk 45 sec  8 times  walk 2 mins  Cool-down walk 2 minutes

Week 18    Walk 2 minutes    Run 2 minutes 45 sec/walk 45 sec  7 times  walk 2 mins  
Cool-down walk 2 minutes

Week 19    Walk 2 minutes    Run 2 minute 45sec/walk 45 sec  8 times  
Cool-down walk 2 minutes

Week 20    Walk 2 minutes   Run 3 minutes /walk 1minute   6 times  walk 4 mins  
Cool-down walk  2 minutes

Remember to do your run workouts 4 days a week and you can increase or decrease the pace of this program to fit your needs.  If you want to start from the very beginning go to Level One.


  1. I started on phase 2 and I'm on phase 3 now. I like this program because I haven't had any injuries so far, knock on wood. See you at the end.


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