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How To Use Resistance Bands For Bigger Glutes

Are you trying to get larger glutes but you don't want to get plastic surgery or are you just trying to lift your sagging glutes? Exercise with resistance bands can help assist your weights with growing your gluteal muscles.  Below I have two workout plans you can follow and remember you do them every other day, this allows your muscles to rest and repair so you can have larger gains. Back to back workouts only will result in no or little growth in your gluteal muscles. The reason one should not train the same muscle every day.
Workout Pointers: 1.  Do your leg workout two or three days a week 2.  Rest one minute between sets 3.  Stretch your legs and hips after your workout 4.  Do a 3-minute warm-up before starting your leg/glute routine 5.  For those with sore knees, ice them after you cool-down for 5-10 minutes 6.  Workout two is also for people who have no knee issues. Do the goblet squat without the chair. 7.  Increase the weights that you are lifting every week or every two weeks 8.  …

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