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15 minute knee friendly booty workout

  Have you been looking for a knee-friendly boot workout, but all you find are workout plans that bother your knees? Look no further because I have a gluteal plan for you, and this is coming from someone with arthritic knees.  Instructions Below is the 15-minute knee-friendly booty workout. If you feel that any of the exercises bothers your knees, omit them or modify them .  For example, the sumo squat can be executed with a lesser bend in the knee. Go only as far as your knees will let you. You can do sumo squat holds to see if they bother your knee. The up and down movements may cause knee discomfort. Go down and hold the position for 20 seconds or longer and do this exercise two to four times.  Do this plan two to three days a week with rest days between your booty exercise days. Free PDF Download the PDF to take with you to the gym or in your home gym. The instructions for the last exercise are incorrect. Follow the video for the lunge taps below. 15-minute knee-friendly booty w

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