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Holiday Gift Guide For Her

For more gifts, click the picture above.    Do you need a holiday or Christmas gift but, you want to support small businesses? Are you looking for something unique to give to a fitness buddy, then you need to check out my holiday gift guide for her from shops on Etsy?  I took the time and handpicked all of the items on the list. Remember, don't wait too late to start your Christmas shopping because many people will be buying online this year. Daisy Flower Sneakers by Mad Candies I love my Converse sneakers, and these floral design ones are on fire or lit as the kids say. These are custom sneakers that are handpainted with daisy flowers on black shoes. If you want these cute shoes as a gift, you need to order them today because this Etsy shop is located in Poland.  High Waisted Yoga Pants by IZ Yoga Apparels These are on my wish list for me. I'm crazy about the tummy control and butt enhancing elements these leggings can give you. They come in small, medium, and l

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