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Chicken Noodle Soup With Chicken Wings

I'm writing this post as I sit in my backyard in Chicago end of June because I have a taste for my chicken noodle soup with chicken wings.  When I first started making this soup from scratch, I used skinless chicken breast. My husband suggested making the soup with chicken wings, his favorite part of the chicken. I scoffed at the suggestion but tried it his way, and it was the tastiest chicken noodle soup I ever had. If you don't like to deal with small bones in your meat, this is not a recipe for you. Another change I made to the chicken soup comes from a friend's suggestion. She said roast the wings for 15 minutes in the oven and then put the chicken drippings into the broth. This process gave the soup more of a comfort food taste. It is more caloric, but it is definitely heartier.  The recent change I made to the chicken noodle soup with chicken wings, I use chicken drumettes instead of large chicken wings. They are smaller, and that allows more meat per serving. Rec

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