How to Start Running (Phase 6)

Here is the 6th phase of the run/walk program, and we are quickly coming to the end, yipee! Below, I have some videos for you to watch if you expericing shin splints. Also remember to stretch, I use my stretch out strap to aid in my stretching.

I will have a running group starting in Chicago in April and if you live in area, feel free to join me on the lakefront on Saturday mornings.  If you don't live in my town, start your own running group with friends and/or family members, using my frugal running plan.  You can condense the program to move quicker if you like, just remember to stretch as a group at the end of the workout.

Week 21    Walk 2 minutes     Run 3 mins and 30 secs /walk 1min  (6 times)  walk 2 min    Cool-down 2 minutes

Week 22    Walk 2 minutes     Run 4 mins/walk 1 min  (5 times)  walk 2 mins  Cool-down 2 minutes

Week 23    Walk 2 minutes     Run 4 mins and 30 secs/walk 1 minute (5 times)  Cool-down 2 minutes

Week 24     Walk 2 minutes    Run 5 minutes/walk 1 minute  (4 times)  Cool-down 2 minutes

Get your stretch out strap here.
Remember to do your run workouts 4 days a week and you can increase or decrease the pace of this program to fit your needs.  If you want to start from the very beginning go to Level One.


  1. Wonderful running program! Regular running can help people to live healthy and happy life. I don’t live in your town but I am going to use the frugal running plan with my friend.


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