30-Day Kitchen Counter Push-Up Challenge


Kitchen counter/incline push-ups

Welcome to the 30-day kitchen counter push-up challenge. This program is for anyone who wants to do the regular push-up challenge, but can't do floor push-ups, or wall push-ups are too easy. 

30-day push up challenge for beginners

Incline push can be easier for the beginner depending upon the incline level. A kitchen counter is relatively high up, and most individuals can handle this level. If not, start with doing them on the wall. Wall Push-up Challenge

If you start the challenge and find that the kitchen counter is too easy, try a lower level like the side of a cushioned couch or armchair. That is one great thing about the incline push-up position; it crosses all fitness levels.

How to do a kitchen counter push-up

Many of my clients do it wrong at first. You don't lead with your stomach. You keep your body straight as possible by pressing your abdominal muscle toward your spine. Watch this video first before starting the challenge. Practice a few times and ask someone to watch you perform the move for feedback. 

Free Push-up PDF

Below is the image of the program; but, if you want to download the workout, click on the link to get your free pdf. Google Document: 30 Day Kitchen Counter Push-Up Challenge  Adobe pdf: 30 Day Kitchen Counter Push-Up Challenge


Download it today and share it with your co-workers and family members because it is better to do the program with a buddy to keep you motivated and on track.

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