30 Day Stationary Bike Challenge For Beginners


30 Day Stationary Bike Challenge

I just finished a 30-day bike challenge to raise money to fight cancer in children. I set my goal to bike a total of 250 miles and it was not easy. It was a challenge. After the challenge finished, I was thinking about my readers and wanted to share a stationary bike challenge for beginners. My 250-mile stationary bike challenge will be coming soon.

If you bought a stationary or recumbent bike and it is in the basement gathering dust or you go to the club and you usually just walk on the treadmill, why don't you give this 30-day stationary bike challenge for beginners a try?
Prep for the challenge:
  • Make sure you have a bottle water holder on your bike if you don't have one have a desk nearby so you can reach for your water. Drink during your workout.
  • Set up your seat height properly. If you don't know how to do this, check out this video on how to adjust your bike seat.  Stationary bike  Recumbent bike
  • Bike between 70-80 RPMs per minute. You can find this on your bike panel display. If you don't have a display on your bike, listen to a workout music video with a count of 150 beats per minute. Follow each downstroke with the beat of the music and that will keep you in the range of 74-76 RPM's a minute. Workout music 150 BPM's
  • Feel free to add resistance by increasing the resistance level button if you feel that your heart rate is not being too challenged during your bike ride. Check out this post to figure out your target heart rate and etc. How hard should I exercise?
  • Do one minute to two minutes of slow biking to cool-down before getting off the bike.
  • Stretch at the end of your workout. Stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.
  • If you would like this free challenge printable, email me and I will send you the pdf. sheilafit10@gmail.com

Recommended Stationary Bikes

These are the only bikes I found on Amazon that have a name behind them and are not too expensive. It seems like there are a lot of bikes I have never heard of the company so beware. You can also look on Craigslist and eBay for people getting rid of their stationary and recumbent bikes.


Let me know if you ever take up this 30-Day Stationary bike challenge and how you did. I hope it will keep you biking for years to come.


  1. Started this today!! Did 1 mile before work. Will bike another mile after. Hopefully by the end of the month, I will be in much better shape and lose a few pounds! Glad I found your chart.


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