Can You Do The Planet Fitness 30 minute Circuit Without The Stepping Blocks?


Yes, you can.

Planet Fitness has a section in their gym where one can do a cardio and strength training workout in 30 minutes. It's a very well-planned and organized circuit program. Several of my friends and clients tried it, and they all love the 30-minute circuit.

How to do the Planet Fitness Circuit

The PF 30-Minute Express Circuit has ten strength machines and ten cardio-step stations. You can start anywhere in the circuit, but you must go in sequence. The circuit has a green light and red light system. When the light turns green, you will exercise for 60 seconds. After one minute, the light turns red for 30 seconds. You must stop and move to the next exercise machine or stepping block. 

The sequence is to do the first weight machine for 60 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. You must proceed to step on the blocks for 60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat. At the end of 30 minutes, you will have completed the circuit and received a full-body workout.

How to do the Planet Fitness 30 minute circuit without the blocks?

There are several ways you can do the circuit. It will depend upon what is your goal. Do you want to do the stepping up on the blocks but they hurt your knees? Maybe, you are not interested in doing the cardio portion of the circuit you just want to do strength training. Let's discuss what you can do below.

PF circuit for cardiovascular and strength benefits

If stepping on the blocks hurts your knees, you can substitute the following moves when it's time to do the steps on the blocks. According to the circuit rules, perform one of the moves below(step substitute) for one minute on the green light and stop when the light turns red. Proceed to the strength machine. Repeat the cycle and finish all of the machines. Total workout time: 30 minutes.

Tap on the blocks alternating your legs

Standing tap backs

Standing front kicks

Step side to side

Standing opposite elbow to knee 

Standing hamstring curls

PF circuit for strength benefits (no stepping blocks)

There are ten weight machines in the circuit. Start on the first machine when the light turns green do 12-20 reps and when the light turns red, transition to the next machine. Doing it this way, the body part you just worked on will rest. You will be working on a different muscle group on the next machine. Do the circuit twice, and the total time will be 30 minutes.

If the club is crowded and there are too many people in the circuit area. You can stay on the machine for two green lights (two sets), but you will only have 30 seconds to rest between sets. Do only one round on the circuit and the total exercise time will also be 30 minutes.

The Planet Fitness Circuit with an abdominal emphasis

Bring your mat and a small weight over to the circuit area and do the circuit strength machines only. However, when it is time to do the stepping blocks, perform abdominal core exercises instead. Below are some of the core exercises you can do in this routine.

Russian Twist

Ab Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

Plank or Modified Plank

Back Extensions

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