Planet Fitness 30 Minute Circuit Workout Variations


If you are a member of Planet Fitness health club, you are probably familiar with the 30-minute workout circuit. If not, you can read my blog post about creating the same workout at home. The Planet Fitness Circuit At Home

If you do the Planet Fitness 30 minute circuit workout on a regular basis, I have some variations so you can give your body some muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is a concept that centers around one doing a variety of workouts. It is designed to provide that one place different demands on the body so that the body needs to continue to adapt without getting used to the same exercise plan.
Below are my Planet Fitness 30-minute circuit workout variations:
  • Do the circuit twice so you will work out for one hour
  • Work on your arms(biceps and triceps) twice and omit your legs in the 30-minute circuit
  • Omit your shoulders and arms and work your legs twice in the 30-minute circuit
  • The workout calls for 12 reps instead do 20 reps in the 30-minute circuit
  • Do the circuit as is but do abdominal exercises instead of the steps

This is the Planet Fitness circuit plan that eliminates the steps and adds in core exercises. You will need a mat, weight or medicine ball.

Work out plan*
Warm-up for 3 minutes
Chest press
Ab crunch for one minute instead of the steps

Leg press
Bicycles for one minute instead of the steps

Lat pulldown 
Plank for one minute instead of the steps

Leg extension 

Back rows 
Dead bug for one minute

Shoulder press 
Russian twist for one minute use a weight or medicine ball

Leg curl 
Reverse crunch for one minute

Biceps curls
Plank with hip dips 30 seconds per side

Back raises 60 seconds

Abdominal crunch machine 
Cool down with 5 minutes of total body stretches

Here are the variations I have done in the past, if you have your own let me know in the comments below.
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