The 28 Day Ab Challenge For Beginners With A Bad Back


Back Pain Rehab

I should have produced this challenge years ago. Quite a few of my clients have requested this for themselves or for a family member or a friend. It is a challenge for the abs or core, but for people who are suffering from lower back problems. The exercises in the 28-day ab challenge for beginners with a bad back are the same exercises I use on my clients after they have finished with physical therapy.

If you would like to do the challenge, ask your doctor first about doing this workout plan. When you start the program and you find that an exercise does not agree with your body or it is hurting in some way, you can omit it.

Also, feel free to add an exercise you would like to do or your physical therapist gave you and it is not in the below plan. This 28-day ab challenge is for beginners but I will add a couple of advanced moves if you can do them without problems.

If you don't recognize the exercise by the name, you can just click on the name of the exercise and you will find a quick YouTube video that demonstrates the abs or back exercise

Low Back Pain pdf

To print your own copy of the 28-day ab challenge for beginners with a bad back, I included it in a Google doc. Get it here.

I hope this 28-day ab challenge for beginners with a bad back increases your core (abdominals and back) strength so you can get back to doing your daily chores. Feel free to send me an email, if you have any questions.

Dead Bug beginners
Dead Bug advanced
Bridge learn how to do a neutral bridge
Bird Dog choose your level 1, 2 or 3
Hip rotations with a Swiss ball
Modified Plank 
Piriformis stretch in a chair
Piriformis stretch supine
Hamstring Stretch with strap

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those without back problems.
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  1. Thanks for these. I have a really bad bad for about 30 years now from 2 car accidents that were Not my fault. I will absolutely try them!


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