30 Day Stretching Challenge


I think many of us need to do the 30-day lower body stretching challenge because we tend to neglect the flexibility part of our workout.  This 30-day stretching challenge focuses on the lower part of the body and not the upper body.

Flexibility is part of the five components of exercise.  The five component is what health educators and experts use to determine a well-balanced fitness routine. Flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition are the five components of fitness. Your workout plan should incorporate all of the components. Go here to read more about the five components of exercise: The Five Components of Fitness: What You Need To Know.

Stretching Guide pdf

If you are a runner, walker, suffer from hip and lower back issues or you are just super tight in your lower body, consider taking on the lower body challenge. The 30-day plan is just $6.95 and it is an instant download upon purchase at my Etsy shop. It has stretching exercises with pictures.

What's included:
-Why stretch and more information on flexibility
-Flexibility test before and after
-The 30 Day Lower Body Stretching program with illustrations
-30-day accountability chart

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  1. This sounds good if you don't have any old injuries and you don't over do it.

  2. This sounds awesome!


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