The 30 Day Squat Challenge For Beginners

Yesterday, my twin showed me a workout routine she found the internet.  She said she was so sore she couldn't even do her daily chores but loved it.  As I scanned the workout, I scolded her for about doing back to back muscle work, using the same muscle groups.  I told her, she knew better. This leads me to do more research on The 30-day squat challenge.

The workout is not bad unless you want to end up with sore knees and a bad back.  I looked at several forums about this workout and found that a lot of people couldn't keep it up - burnt out or they started developing sore knees. I don't know how many people warm-up before performing this squat challenge, and there is no break from day to day with this routine.

The correct way of strengthening your muscles is to have a rest day between workouts and do not exercise the same muscle groups daily.  One should always have a 48 - 72 hours rest between strength training exercises because this promotes healing of the muscle tissue, that is torn during the workout.

I will be presenting 3 levels of my 30-day squat challenge, beginner to advance.  Make sure you are performing the squats correctly and if you need to, practice with a chair.  Learning the proper squatting technique will help to keep your knees and back pain-free. 

Remember to warm-up, cool-down and stretch when doing this challenge.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below.

Try the intermediate level or the advanced level or the beginner's level below. If you don't know what planks are, go to planks for beginners.

You can also get all three levels on one printable. The 30-90 day squat challenge can be purchased from my Etsy shop and it is an instant download upon purchase.

What you will receive in the pdf:
1. Three squat and plank calendars/journal-three levels
2. How to information
3. Fitness Assessment Chart and Before and After Picture Display

Get it HERE!


  1. This is a cool chart!!! You fussed at your sister for not taking breaks from muscle work and I know you'd fuss at me because I haven't done any intense workouts in about 1 week!

    I am glad I saw this because I was going to go out to the store, but now I will pop in my 'Gym Style Legs' DVD and get to squatting!

  2. i like a challenge! i will start this today! if i knew how to operate this dang phone i would do before n after pics! thanks sheila!

  3. Neat chart! I love how squats make my body look, but hate doing them :)

  4. I'm all-too-familiar with planks, and this workout sounds intense. I'll give it a go, though! My squat muscles are so out of shape. Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Nothing like squatting to get the legs/butt in shape! Good idea plus easy to follow calendar layout NICE:)

  6. 75 squats today, yikes. Tiffany, are you still doing the challenge?

  7. I like how organized this is!

  8. I love active rest days! Great workout! What do you suggest as a warmup, though? Jumping jacks? Jogging in place? Thanks!

    1. A good warm-up would be walking in place, standing high knees, standing opposite elbow to knee and hamstring kick-backs(heel to derriere).

  9. Found your modified program after I came across the original 30-day challenge. Actually, I went looking for a modified program because I knew better than to do back-to-back days with the same muscle groups! ;) Great schedule, though those planks may kill me, lol! Thank you SO much for sharing!

    1. Thanks, I'm just seeing this. I hope this is working for you.


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