Free Outdoor Stair Parks

I am sore.  My calves and glutes are on fire and it is because I did the stairs, I did the stairs 10 times, at Swallow Cliff in Palos Hills, Illinois.

There were so many people working out, some running the stairs but most were walking up and down.  I met a very large man there and he could only do it one time.  He told me he wants to ease into the routine and add one circuit a week.  I guess he was inspired by a lady who started doing the stairs last year and lost 100 pounds.

Stairs are an excellent aerobic activity and you can burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes. If you would like to see how many calories you can burn at your present weight, check out The American Council on Exercise activity calculator.

I would like you to experience my workout so I am compiling a list of free outdoor stair parks in the USA and places around the world.  If you have a free stair park in your area, let me know and I will add it to the list.  If you don't have stairs in your area, you can do it at home. Stair Climbing Exercise at Home

Bisbee stairs in Bisbee, Arizona

Galena Illinois Grant's stairs

Gainesville Florida sinkhole staircase

Hawaii Diamond Head Mountain stairs  $5 to park

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook trail Culver City, CA

Grandview Park stairs San Francisco, CA

South Side Slopes Pittsburgh, PA

The stairs of Park City, UT

Stair Parks in Seattle, WA

The stairs at Harper's Ferry WV

Ritter Park Rose Garden Steps Huntington, WV

Communications Hill Stairs/Trail San Jose, CA

Hawrelak Park stairs, Edmonton, Canada

McHugh bluff in Calgary, Canada

Philip S Miller Park Stairs Castle Rock, Colo.

Stairs in the Los Angeles, California Area

Bloomer Park Stairs, Rochester Hills, Michigan 

Louise McKinney Riverfront Park Stairs - Edmonton, Alberta

Milwaukee, Wisconsin stair parks

Elora Gorge Stairs at Victoria Park - Elora ON (Canada)

Fort Greene Park Stairs, Brooklyn, New York 

Dan Ryan Wood Forest Preserve, Chicago IL

Fourth, Sixth, and Seven street stairs Wallace, Idaho

338 Stone Steps in Branson, MO

Monks Mound Stairs, Collinsville IL

Courthouse Stairway, Sylva NC


  1. I have walked the stairs in our city many times. It's a great workout!

  2. What a great idea to get out and try something new! There are a few by me and I will definitely be climbing some more stairs before the weather gets too cold.

    1. Not any that are a main attraction, just a local park in my area that has an epic staircase!

    2. If you have the name of the park, I would like to add it to the list.

  3. I wish I could do this right now.. What a great calf, quad, and hamstring exercise.

  4. We don't have any dedicated stair parks, I don't think, but we do have a TON of city steps to accompany all those hills you were talking about! There's actually a few intense events each fall where people from all over come to run them.

    1. I found an area in your city Femme, called South Side Slopes. Have you been there?

  5. Yeah! They're used mostly as commuter steps as are all the hundreds of stairways in our city. But every year they have a "race" there and then there's a more competitive one in the Fineview neighborhood.

  6. Whoah! Those stairs look scary!! I live in rural England and the kind of stairs around where I live are the 2 step, 3 step kind. However, there are some rather winding and crooked stairs to a castle about half an hour away so I might pop down there and give this a whirl! Great idea!

  7. Yeah, you are a trooper for doing these stairs 10 times! Impressive for sure:)

  8. McHugh bluff in Calgary


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