The 30 Day Squat Jump Challenge

I love squat jumps because they fatigue the thighs really fast.  This program is a supplement to your normal leg routine.  It's done 3 days a week with a rest day in between.

You can add weights to this workout by wearing a 5 to 10-pound weighted vest or you can hold light dumbbells.  I would recommend anything between 3 and 10 pounds.  Don't go too heavy because this is an intense plyometric workout that is tough on the joints. *The 30-day squat jump program is not for anyone with knee, hip or ankle injuries or conditions.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts 
  1. Warm-up at least 5 minutes before doing this program
  2. Jump on a padded floor or on a wood floor
  3. Do not jump on concrete
  4. Stretch at the end of your workout
  5. Do not do this routine every day
  6. When squatting, your knees should never go past your toes
  7. You can break up your squat jumps. For example, on day six you can do 30 in the morning and then 30 in the afternoon.
The 30-day squat jump program is not for a beginner. If you would like a challenge, try my modified 30 squat challenge for beginners. After you mastered the modified 30-day squat challenge, you can then try this routine.  




  1. Looks like a rigorous workout. Maybe too much for me. Will look at the beginners workout for me!

  2. I love squats too :) They keep my legs in great shape!


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