Juice and Toya 4 Week Challenge for Beginners

Last July, I challenged my 62-year-old body with my challenge. I found the Juice and Toya strength video via a search on YouTube.

My challenge was that I would do their 45-minute full-body strength workout on Friday and Monday. I teach Les Miles Pump, Step Aerobics, and Barre classes on Wednesdays. On Sundays and Fridays, I cycled on my stationary bike for 30 minutes and I rested on Thursdays.

Doing this for five months got me in excellent shape. I made some modifications due to an overuse shoulder injury, but I managed to stay focused for months. 

Because I loved my challenge so much I put together a Juice and Toya four-week challenge for beginners for you. I will add some modifications if you have some muscle-skeletal issues. For the best results, extend the challenge for another two months.

4-week body transformation workout plan

Strength Days

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or any three days with a rest between your strength days, do the 20-minute dumbbell program for beginners. Finish each strength workout with the 10-minute full-body stretching video.


  • If you can't get on the floor as shown in the warm-up do a standing runners stretch.
  • If you have some knee pain don't do a deep suitcase squat, only go as far down without pain.
  • Front and reverse lunges don't drop as far down if you have knee pain.
  • If you suffer from back pain try to avoid doing the loaded sit-ups. Do a basic crunch instead.

Cardiovascular workout plan

On your non-strength training days, you will do cardio workouts for 15 to 30 minutes. You can walk, jog, skate, exercise on the bike, elliptical, rowing, or StairMaster machines. If you don't belong to a gym or you don't have cardio equipment at home. Do Juice and Toya's 20-minute low-impact cardio workout. Finish the workout with the 10-minute stretching video.

Core and Flexibility Day

If you want a 6th day, make that a core and flexibility day. Juice and Toya have a 10-minute core workout for beginners. If you have a bad back, I provided some modification videos below. Finish the session with the 10-minute stretching video.


Some exercises may bother your back whereas others may not. You will be the judge of your own body. After your core becomes stronger experiment and see if you can do the ones in the video.

Rest Day

Have one day of rest, if you still want to exercise, do the 10-minute stretching video or choose a longer stretching video of your choice.

If you do the Juice and Toya 4-week challenge for beginners, let me know how it works out for you.