Halloween Theme Workout

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Hey, frugal friends, are you looking for an exercise plan to do the week of Halloween and Halloween day? Check out my Halloween-themed workout plan that will be hard but not spooky. The following videos correspond to the exercises in the fitness plan. You can make changes but try to get through two circuits for a spooktacular time. 

Halloween fitness music

To make it extra special, play Halloween fitness music. I have links to several YouTube music videos you can use during the workout. 

Halloween Theme Workout

Warm-up for five minutes, and do the following exercises for 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest between each exercise. You will need the following equipment: Exercise tube, mat, dumbbells

H     High Plank

A     Arnold Press

L      Lunge (front Lunge)

L      Low Row

O     Oblique Crunches

W    Wide Grip Dumbbell Press (on the floor)

E     Elevated Squat 

E     Elevated Bridge ( use yoga block, step platform, or bench)

N    Neutral Grip Bicep Curl

Rest one to two minutes and do circuit number two

H     Halo with Squat

A     Archer Row Standing

L      Lateral Raise with Plie Squat

L      Lunge with Triceps Extension

O     Oblique Crunches

W    Wall Sit 

E     Elevated Push-up (feet on floor) (feet on step or bench)

E     Elevated Plank with Hip Extension ( step platform, bench or keep the feet on the floor)

N    Neutral Grip Bicep Curl

You can repeat it from the beginning. The workout is about 45 minutes in length but if you just do it once it's a quick 25-minute workout, not counting the cool-down stretches. Stretch when you complete both cycles. 

October Fitness Challenge

I have an October Fitness Challenge Motivation Printable in my Etsy shop. Download it and use it alongside this Halloween-themed workout plan.