St. Patrick's Day Workout


If you want to celebrate St. Patty's day with a great workout instead of a glass of beer, try my St. Patrick's Day workout this week. 

The letters of St. Patrick's Day represent different exercises and will give you a total body exercise plan. I have two levels you can try for beginners and more advanced exercisers.

Step ups 12 reps on each leg Beginners - Advanced

Tuck jumps 10-12 reps Advanced for beginners no jumping, perform a knee tuck in the chair

Plank 30 seconds to one minute Beginners - Advanced

Ab crunch 30 seconds to one minute Beginners - Advanced add a weight behind your head

Tricep dips 10-20 reps  Beginner - Advanced

Reverse crunch 30 seconds to one minute  Beginners - Advanced

Ice skaters 10-15 per leg Beginners (don't jump) Advanced

Chest Press 12-20 reps the weight size will determine the intensity

Knee ups 30 seconds to one minute Beginners (don't jump) - Advanced

Ab rollout  12-15 Advanced  with stability ball for beginners

Y incline raise 12-15 reps

Do this once or as many rounds as you like, just remember to warm up and stretch at the end of this exercise plan. 

St. Patrick's Day Workout Tank

Represent the luck of the Irish with this cute exercise tank. The link will take you to one shop, but you check out more options like shamrock leggings and etc. 


  1. I like the themed workout sheets. The beginner level would be best for me.Thanks!


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