Valentine's Themed Workout


January is almost over, and you haven't started your exercise routine. February is Heart Month and would be a great time to get started before Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Themed Workout

If you are working in the gym or have a group of friends and you exercise together, make it memorable and offer this workout above. You can also give out healthy chocolate treats at the end of this grueling exercise program. Make sure everyone wears something red to get into the program's theme.

How to do the Valentine's Day Workout 

Every exercise begins with the letter that reads 'Valentine's Day". The circuit is 12-15 reps per exercise. Do two or three sets (times). Perform a warm-up for three to five minutes in the beginning and stretch at the end of the session. Beginners and advanced exercisers can do the program together. Below I added a video to demonstrate each exercise with modifications. 

Valentine's exercises

Watch each video below to learn how to execute each exercise properly.

Elevated glute bridge for beginners (use a yoga block)
Elevated glute bridge (above video)

Valentine's Day Workout PDF

You can copy the above workout and print it out, however; if you would like a better image, go to this link and download it for free. Valentine's Day Workout



  1. I absolutely love the idea of a themed workout like this! I can actually do these things, and I'm looking forward to seeing other workouts like this!

  2. I love the themed workouts. I think it motivates me to exercise!


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