Easy workouts for obese beginners


You have been looking for a home workout plan with no frills, but a lot of the exercises are too strenuous for you as a beginner. Maybe you feel intimidated about exercising at a large gym. And you want to exercise in the comfort of your home or a smaller gym. Please take a look at my easy workouts for obese beginners. My workout plans could help most people, even seniors. 

There is no need to buy a lot of exercise equipment, just an ankle weight, a pair of dumbbells, an exercise mat, or a padded rug. To be sure you are doing the exercises correctly, watch each video and practice each move before starting the program. Warm up before doing the plan each session and always end with a stretch to cool down that will prevent you from being injured. 

Easy Workouts For 
Obese Beginners

Workout Day One


Wall push-up  10 -12 times

Partial squats 10 - 15 times

Standing side leg lifts 10 times each side

Diamond push-up on the wall 10 - 15 times

Walk in place for one - two-minutes

Repeat once from the beginning 


Workout Day Two


Reverse Snow Angels on the bed or floor 10 - 15 times

Bridge 10 - 15 times

Dumbbell rows with a chair 10 -15 times

Ab crunch 10 - 20 times

Bicep curls 10 - 15 times

Opposite elbow to knee one-minute

Repeat once from the beginning 


Workout Day Three


Shoulder front raise seated or standing 10 - 12 times

with dumbbells or soup cans

Seated ball squeeze 15 - 20 times

Plank on a chair or arm of a sofa

Knee extension in a chair with ankle weight or without

Standing hip extension with or without an ankle weight 10 -12 times

Walk in place one-minute

Opposite elbow to knee one-minute

Hamstring kickbacks one-minute

Repeat once from the beginning 


Watch each video to understand each exercise movement.

Needed Equipment: