Debt Tracker Spreadsheet



My debt-free journey started in 2012

When the recession hit in 2008, I was struggling with credit card debt, back taxes, and a car loan. Luckily, I paid off my student loans by then. I could figure out how to crawl my way out of my poor choices. I have never been great with my finances.

It wasn't until 2012, that I discovered the Dave Ramsey program online. Dave put everything in perspective for me. To get out of debt, I would have to understand why I was in debt and get my spending under control.

I have been living pretty much according to the Dave plan except for some things I don't agree with, such as the emergency fund and the idea about credit. It has gotten to the point that I will be debt-free except for the house next year.

How does it feel to be debt free?

It feels amazing. I'm less stressed, happier, and relieved. I also feel empowered that I manage my money, but the money doesn't manage me.

How to get started getting rid of debt? 

If you are confused about how and where to start, check out these videos for guidance.

                                                          The Seven Baby Steps

                                          Bring in extra money with a side hustle

                                     How to get out of debt even with a low-income

Finance tracker bullet journal

If you need a finance tracker journal, check out this Google Sheets monthly budget debt payment tracker. You can monitor your contributions to your savings or sinking funds.

The Budget Ohana's Digital Shop paid off over $150,000 in debt, and they want to help others take charge of their finances. They created a monthly budget worksheet to help you reach your financial goals.

I hope you enjoyed this non-fitness post, I will be back on topic next week.