4 week jump rope challenge

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Do you want to get in shape fast or don't have a lot of money to spend, why not try jumping rope? It's convenient, easy to do, and easy on your wallet. As long as you don't have any lower joint issues, like knee pain, you should give it a try.

How to do the 4-week jump rope challenge

You will need a jump rope to get started if you don't have one. Many stores carry them in their fitness section. However, you need to purchase the correct length for your height. According to experts, you should get a jump rope that's about three feet taller than you so it won't be too long or too short. FEECCO Adjustable Weighted Rope

If it's your first time jumping rope or you always step on the rope, try training with this video first before starting the challenge. It will help you from being injured. This will cause you to end the 4-week jump rope challenge too soon.

You can also make changes on how many times you do each cycle. The challenge, says to do two and three times a session, but you can increase it if you want a tougher workout session.

4-week jump rope challenge pdf

I have the 4-week jump rope challenge in a pdf, which you can put on the wall in your home gym. Feel free to share my post with a loved one or friend, they may want to do the challenge with you. Good luck and congratulations on the start of your fitness journey. 4-week jump rope challenge pdf