Can You Lose Weight on a Recumbent Bike

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Recumbent bikes are a popular type of cardiovascular training for those who want to begin a regular cardiovascular program. Recumbent exercise bikes are one of the most relaxing methods to get a cardio workout while burning calories and improving overall fitness.

Using a recumbent bike burns calories, which allows you to reduce pounds throughout your body, including your stomach. While spot reduction is fiction, combining aerobic and abdominal strengthening workouts, like riding a recumbent bike, will assist in firming and flattening your stomach muscles.

But how effective are recumbent bikes? How can you lose weight on recumbent bikes? Continue reading to find out more!

Can you lose weight?

According to several sources, a recumbent bike may burn 400-450 calories if you're an average-sized individual undertaking moderate-intensity exercises. Given that a pound of fat burns 3500 calories, this translates to:

A pound of fat can be eliminated after 8-9 hours of moderate-intensity exercise on a recumbent bike.

These statistics appear to be realistic when compared to similar low-impact activities:

  • Walking for 60 minutes at 3 miles per hour burns 225 calories.
  • Swimming for 60 minutes burns 400 calories every hour.

Based on these numbers, we may conclude that recumbent bikes are practical weight-loss instruments. However, it requires consistency and motivation. Having a recumbent bike itself won't help you get there. 

How to Lose Weight on Recumbent Bike

The most significant component in losing weight is sticking to a regular and consistent workout plan. Consider this: just as one fantastic meal will not improve your life, one amazing workout will not help you get the long-term outcomes you desire.

Weight reduction can only be achieved by regular, consistent exercise. Everything boils down to calories. Regular aerobic activity results in a more significant total calorie deficit, which leads to more weight reduction over time.

It is recommended that at least three aerobic activities each week on your recumbent bike for weight loss would be sufficient. If you want to lose pounds, you should be able to fit in 5-6 sessions a week, with at least one day off.

Intensity of Workout

Finally, varying the intensity of your workouts may assist you in achieving more significant outcomes. To burn even more calories, increase the power of your activities. To improve the intensity of your workout, raise the resistance or tempo.

Most of our recumbent cycles include at least 8 levels of resistance, and some have up to 24 stations to truly put your fitness and body to the test and burn even more calories. 

A bike with various resistances will allow you to continue to grow and push your fitness over time, which is essential for maintaining weight reduction outcomes. Use the resistance on your recumbent bike to burn more calories and create a lean muscle tone in your legs.

However, you should avoid doing high-intensity workouts every day or not on consecutive days. It is critical to allow your body to recuperate between strenuous activities. To make the most of your time and continue to exercise regularly throughout the week, I recommend alternating high-intensity workout days with moderate-intensity steady-state cardio days.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Many "before and after" pictures of people riding recumbent bikes show that they help people lose weight, especially belly fat. In conclusion, a recumbent bike can help you lose belly fat by reducing your body fat. Recumbent bikes also work out the lower abs, which helps define muscles.

Keep in mind, though, the following:

  • You can push yourself by making your workout harder. You want your activities to make you feel good, but not exhausted.
  • While you're pedaling, keep your abs tight. This plan will make your core muscles work harder, which will help you see more definition in them.
  • It's silly to think that you can lose belly fat without putting in any extra work. Your program will need more activities that focus on your core, especially back-strengthening routines. You can't just hope that your belly fat will go away. You need a strong base, which includes strong back muscles.
  • Get enough food. You might gain weight unnecessarily if you eat too many processed foods, but some healthy foods, like beans, can make you feel full and hide your abs. 

If you want to show off your six-pack, eat foods high in calories and nutrients and drink plenty of water.

How to Set Up your Recumbent Bike?

Begin by assembling your upright or indoor riding exercise bike's saddle. Adjusting the seat's height and angle will make it more comfortable and valuable.

To modify the seat height, perform the following:

  • Remove yourself from your workout bike.
  • Raise or lower the saddle until it is level with your hips.
  • You may also move your harness to the center of your thigh by raising your knee to a 90-degree angle.

If you want to work out while sitting, you'll need to learn how to set up a recumbent exercise bike. It's easy to set up a recumbent bike for comfort and speed:

  • Put your foot in the three-o'clock position.
  • Make sure your knees are slightly bent in your seat.
  • To confirm the bike is set up correctly, take a few pedal strokes and check your leg extension. Make the necessary changes if you suspect you are extending your leg too far or too little.

Before starting an activity, take one last walk around to confirm that everything is in place. Before beginning another training session, make sure your seat, handlebars, and other modifications are in place.

A correctly adjusted exercise bike may assist you in making the most of your activity. Use these tips to get in shape and find the proper cycling regimen.

Bonus Tip

When deciding where to put the pedals, think of them as clock hands. If your pedal is in its lowest position, as previously mentioned, this is 6 o'clock.

After choosing your saddle height, you may alter your horizontal setting. Move one of your pedals to the 3 o'clock position while still sitting. Your saddle is far enough forward when you can draw an imaginary line from your knee to your toes. If you aren't quite there yet, move the saddle forward or backward.

Finally, double-check the height of your handlebars. Your spine should be neutral with no arch or curvature while your hands are resting on the grips. While sitting comfortably, your elbows should be slightly bent. To acquire this setting, raise or lower your handlebars.

Selecting the Right Recumbent Bike

This may seem self-evident, but finding a recumbent bike that is a good fit for your body and needs is critical to maintaining a healthy and productive training routine.

A proper bike fit will provide a healthy range of motion, allowing you to sit comfortably and pedal with good form. You're more likely to suffer an injury if you can't exercise effectively, only slowing down your weight loss.

Double-check that the recumbent bike's weight capacity and inseam range are adequate. Your inseam is the measurement of your upper inner thigh to your heel while standing straight, and it's an excellent technique to ensure you have a complete range of motion when riding.

Recumbent Bike Exercise Videos

You're ready to buy the bike, or you bought one, but you need someone to push you a little harder. Why not exercise along with the following recumbent bike exercise videos? I have chosen three that may keep you motivated for a while. 

Recumbent Bike Weight Loss Success Stories

A good friend of mine went to the doctor, and she said that my girlfriend was pre-diabetic. Her A1C was moderately high. The doctor told her if she didn't make changes to her health, she would have to start taking meds.

My friend asked me for her help. She was looking for something she could do at home. I suggested she buy a recumbent bike from Amazon. Because she didn't have that much money to spend, I found a recumbent bicycle from the Sunny equipment company.  

After four months of riding three to four days a week for 20-30 minutes, her A1C dropped back to normal levels. During the start of her exercise program, she also made small changes in her diet which also helped.

It's been a year, and my friend has gone from a size 12 to a loose size 10. She continues to ride her recumbent bike, and she has added strength training to her fitness routine. 

To Sum it Up

Recumbent bikes are an effective weight-loss tool and serve as an effective fat burner. One can undertake several procedures while opting to exercise using their recumbent bike. However, other underlying factors such as consistency, intensity, and time induced in these workouts make a big difference.

There are several procedures and angles to use your recumbent bike. However, the bike you select must be the right choice for you. You will find several cycles with numerous options in the market, but make sure you opt for a bike that fits your requirements.


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