Exercises With Ankle Weights For Thighs


Ankle weights have been around for ages and they really do work. If you have some ankle weights lying around, check out the best exercise videos using ankle weights for your thighs.

1.  A workout for seniors or someone with joint knee problems.

2.  Another seated workout for seniors or people with joint issues.

3. An ankle weight exercise plan for barre lovers.

4. A workout for the thighs and glutes (booty/bum).

5. This workout emphasizes inner and outer thighs.

6. A quick 10-minute exercise video to your legs and core.

If you know of another video that uses ankle weights that works the thighs, let me know and I will add it to the list.



  1. These are good workouts. I'm always worried I will cause any injury if I use ankle weights.


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