Dairy Free Ice Cream Bar



I'm lactose intolerant with a slight milk allergy. I can eat some cheeses without problems. But, if I consume too much cheese or have two products with milk in the ingredients, I'm in trouble. Trouble means even if I take a Lactaid pill (medicine for lactose intolerance), I will probably get a sinus infection.

In the summer, I love to eat ice cream, and my favorite is soft-serve ice cream. If I eat it occasionally along with taking Lactaid pills, I can avoid getting a sinus infection. However, sometimes I like to have more than one once every blue moon. The allergy has given me the quest to look for a dairy-free ice cream that I might enjoy. 

Last week, I went shopping over the border into Indiana. One of my favorite grocery stores is Strack & Van Til. There are none in Illinois. As I was perusing the aisles, I noticed a package in the refrigerator section that read dairy-free Classic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Bar. I read the ingredients, and it said each bar was 170 calories, so you know I snatch that baby up real quick. The ice cream product is from Daiya Foods. 

Daiya Foods specialize in making deliciously dairy-, gluten- and soy-free foods. The headquarters is in British Colombia, Canada but have offices in the United States. Check out their ice cream bars: Daiya Foods


Daiya Ice Cream Bar Review


All I can say is I liked it. It's a well-made bar. It's small, but it was enough to satisfy my ice cream craving. I'm not big on the coconut flavor in dairy-free ice creams, and I couldn't taste the coconut milk. Maybe the vanilla bean masked the flavor of the coconut, I don't know, but I really could not taste it. For others, you may taste the coconut. Also, I'm a big fan of dark chocolate. I loved the chocolate coating. They also come in two other flavors, chocolate fudge crunch (170 calories) and salted caramel swirl (180 calories).

If you are looking for an ice cream bar the whole family can enjoy, even though they might not be lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy, grab the product locator for a store that carries the brand near you. Let me know what you think about their bars in the comment section below when you try them. Product Locator