100 Rides Challenge



Are you thinking about doing your own 100 rides challenge? Do you take paid classes online or free classes via YouTube? Maybe you have decided to bike 30 minutes a day and you want to track your rides, check out my color in the number of rides printable available in my Etsy shopShop Now

I will be doing the 100 rides challenge start on March 1, 2021. My goal will be to finish 100 rides by the first day of summer. The first 6 weeks I probably will be riding indoors on my stationary bike, but as the weather warms up in Chicago, I will transition to my road bike outdoors. 

Join me on March first, however, if you are reading this post in the future do the 100 Rides Challenge with a family member, a coworker (s), or a friend. The printable is an instantaneous download when shopping on the Etsy platform.