6-Week Fitness Challenge


I just put together a comprehensive program that will jumpstart your weight loss, cardiovascular and strength fitness in a month and a half. You will be surprised how your body and health will transform in a short time. If you are ready, start the 6-week fitness challenge at the beginning of the week.

How to do the fitness program

First, if you are not using the videos and you are using your equipment for the cardiovascular workouts, make sure you warm-up for three to four-minutes before you increase the speed or resistance on your machine. Most of the videos have a warm-up component, if not, do your warm-up. Secondly, make sure you stretch at the end of your workout. If you don't know what muscles to stretch or how to stretch check out this video. Thirdly, check with your doctor before doing the 6-week fitness challenge if you have any health issues. 

Do the workouts five to six days a week

Try to do the program five to six days a week, however; if you feel too sore the first week, do the program four days on week one. You might want to enlist a buddy, co-worker(s) to do it with you to keep you accountable. You can also document your workouts on an exercise chart, I sell one in my Etsy shop

The 6-Week Fitness Challenge

Week One Cardiovascular Exercise
You need to do 15 - 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. It can be walking, run/walk, running, rowing, stair climbing, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, elliptical training, and skating.

If you have a treadmill, elliptical, rowing, or stair machine, feel free to use those machines for the 6-week fitness challenge. You can also do the following videos if you don't have the equipment or you want to alternate doing the videos and exercise machines.

Walking Videos: 1-mile walk or 20-minute video
Rowing Video: 20-minute rowing workout
Jumping Rope Video: 10-minute workout

Week Two Hiit Exercise Plan
This week you will do HIIT. It is a form of interval training. You perform aerobic exercise and alternate with short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with a less-intense recovery period. However, both exercise plans are for beginners. One program will be without jumping, you might want to try that program if you have joint problems.

Week Three Cardiovascular Exercise
On week three you will increase your cardiovascular exercise program from 15-20 minutes to 20-30 minutes a workout.

Rowing video: 30-minute rowing workout
Jumping Rope video: 10-minute workout do it twice
Jumping Jacks workout video: 20-minute jumping jacks workout

Week Four Strength Training and Core Exercises
You will need dumbbells or an exercise tube for week four. The strength training program is three days a week with a core workout between your strength training days. So, you will strength train, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You will do the abs (core) exercises on the non-strength days. 

Weight training with dumbbells: Popsugar total body workout
Weight training with resistance tubes: 30 Minute resistance band workout *Make sure you have several thicknesses of tubes. Thicker the tube harder it will be to lift.
Core exercise video: video onevideo two or video three 20 minutes

Week Five Cardiovascular Exercise
In week five, you will move your cardiovascular exercise program up to 30 - 40 minutes.

Rowing video: 60-minute rowing workout
Jumping Rope video: 10-minute workout and Jumping Jacks workout video: 20-minute jumping jacks workout Do the jump rope and jumping jacks workout back to back

Week Six Stretch and Core
This week you will focus on flexibility. Even though you are supposed to stretch after each workout on your own, I wanted to add a week of recovery. Doing a week of stretching and core exercises will not set back your fitness or weight loss goals. 

Active recovery can enhance your fitness level by allowing your muscles to repair themselves. Do the stretching videos four or five times during week six. The Pilates video can be done once or three times along with the stretching video or your choice if you like.

You have completed the challenge, well done.

Congratulations on completing the 6-week fitness challenge. It probably was hard, but I bet you are proud of your accomplishment. Let me know what you think of the 6-week plan below if you ever tackle it. 

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