Best At Home Barre Workout

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Best Barre Workout Videos

If you are stuck at home and you cannot get to your favorite barre class, I have found the best at-home barre workouts, you will love. As a barre instructor, I sometimes check out different videos to steal moves and make them work for my barre pupils. I have quite a few I think you will like.

Barre workout for beginners

Pure Barre has a foundation tutorial to get you ready for a barre class. I would go through their moves master them and then I would take a full barre class.

After going through the Pure Barre foundations workshop, you are ready to take a class. I would recommend the Barre Centric beginner video. It is a 60-minute exercise program.

This next video is a runner up, nice easy moves, but you need to have great balance because you are not using a barre or chair.

Advanced beginner and Intermediate Barre Workouts

This video is a step up for an advanced beginner. I love this video and the instructor is awesome. The total exercise time is about 45 minutes.

Now let's go back to the Pure Barre format. I like this video and it is a typical class you will get at any Pure Barre studio. This a great class after mastering the beginner videos.

Advanced Barre and Ballet Workouts

If you are a dancer or you have mastered all of the videos above, you might want to give the next three videos a try.

A workout that is designed for a dancer, but also for the fitness barre enthusiast who has been taking fitness barre classes for a while. The next video is not a full-body exercise plan. It is more of a ballet lower-body dancer workout program.

This next video is a combination of ballet and fitness like a typical fitness barre class but with more ballet dancer moves. It is not for a novice. 

This last video is for a dancer. It's a true ballet routine and less of a fitness barre workout. However, the New York City Ballet video does offer a great exercise program to master for non-dancers. If you are a former dancer, this video could jump-start you into getting back into dancing form. 

These are my picks for the best at-home barre workout. If you have a video you like and think I should add, comment below and I might add it to the list.


  1. Looking at some of these videos reminds me of when I took Tap and Ballet. I'd like to utilize these videos and see how flexible, and athletic, my body is years later. Thank you for sharing.


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