Jumping Jacks Workout

Can Jumping Jacks Burn Fat?

Jumping jacks use your large muscle groups, your legs, they use your arms too. Your total body moves with jumping jacks. They are a great aerobic activity. Can jumping jacks burn fat? Yes, jumping jacks burn fat and calories, which can help you decrease your body weight. Read more about the benefits of jumping jacks and check out the jumping jacks workout below.

Jumping Jacks Benefits

Jumping jacks are an aerobic activity. Aerobic exercise decreases your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. It can reduce the risk of many conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,  stroke, and some cancers. Because jumping jacks are a weight-bearing exercise, it can help decrease the development of osteoporosis. 

Calories burned doing jumping jacks

According to calories burned calculator, a 140-pound person (63.6 kg) will burn 8.5 calories per minute. A 185-pound person (84 kg) will burn 11.3 calories per minute. This is the number of calories you will burn if you do the high-impact traditional jumping jack. The low-impact or no jump jumping jack will burn fewer calories but it is still a good calorie burner.

Jumping Jacks Workout

Most of the time jumping jacks are incorporated into an aerobic activity like high impact aerobics or boot camp classes, they are not usually performed 12-30 minutes straight. There are ways to have jumping jacks as your only activity however, you do it by taking breaks. If you can't jump, you can perform a modified or low-impact jumping jack routine. The great thing about a jumping jacks workout, you don't need any equipment to get in shape.

There are two routines you can follow via YouTube, one is 20 minutes and the other is shorter. Both videos show the high-impact move, but you can replace it with low-impact jumping jacks if you feel that the high-impact jumping jacks would be too much to start a workout program. No Jump Jumping Jacks

For those who don't want to do the jumping jacks workout via YouTube videos, I have an exercise program you can do which is about 15 minutes in length. It is a jumping jack and an abdominal exercise combination program.

*If you decided to do the high-impact routine, make sure you are not jumping on cement or any hard surface. For example, jumping on concrete can place an extreme load on your knees which could lead to injuries to other joints. Try jumping on a yoga mat or thin rug to cushion your jumps.

20 Minutes Jumping Jack HIIT Workout

12 Minutes Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout

15 Minutes Jumping Jack Workout
Warm-up two-three minutes
30-45 second high or low-impact jumping jacks
Abdominal crunches in a chair or floor 45 seconds
30-45 second high or low-impact jumping jacks
Russian twists in a chair or floor 45 seconds
30-45 second high or low-impact jumping jacks
Plank in the chair or the floor 20-45 seconds
30-45 second high or low-impact jumping jacks
Bird dog 45 seconds
Repeat and stretch


  1. Jumping Jacks are a great way to exercise. Excellent cardio!

  2. Once I heal from having back surgery, I think this would be a great way to start to get back into shape, asking with walking on my treadmill.

  3. Great exercise routine! I appreciate the YouTube video instruction.

  4. I remember when I was in the 9th or 10th grade we got a new basketball coach and the first day of practice she said that she was going to play the song “the eye of the tiger” and we would do jumping jacks one day to the music and the next day we would jump rope to the music. I thought easy peazy especially with this music. Wow was I wrong. Easy wasn’t any word I would use to describe it but it was a work out. I am going to do this. Thanks for the video.


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