Jaw Wiring For Weight Loss Results

A few years ago I wrote an article on jaw wiring to lose weight and now I have been fortunate to find someone who actually went through the procedure with some great results. Her name is Natalie T and she is a married mom with four children. 

Why did you choose orthodontic jaw wiring (OJW) for weight loss surgery? I chose orthodontic jaw wiring because I was constantly hungry and I found most diets did not work for me. 

How long was the procedure and how much did it cost? The surgery was about one hour and that included getting x-rays and attaching the brackets. I got the procedure in 2010 and it cost about $2800.

What did you eat while your jaws were wired?  I drank Atkins shakes, juiced vegetables and occasionally snuck pretzel sticks through a missing tooth gap.

Was it hard to talk? Talking was weird but, people understood me.

Did you follow an exercise plan during this time? Since I was overweight, I tired easily. I walked around the house with weights for 5 minutes, until I was out of breath. I also did jumping jacks for two minutes. But with large breasts and behind, it hurt to jump. The weight came off pretty quick and I was able to do 10 minutes a day of exercise.

When did you start noticing results from the procedure? I got wired New Year's Eve and was thin by June.

How long did you have your jaws wired shut? I removed the wires after six months but left the brackets on.  I found being wired the way Dr. Ted suggests, really hurt. My jaw was stiff and I had build up on my tongue and back of my teeth.

What was the experience of eating solid foods again? I started unwiring on the weekends and eating meat and salad, no carbs. It helped with the need to chew and the jaw stiffening thing.

Have you kept your weight in check after taking the wires off? I maintained a low carb diet and continued to lose. I maintained my weight for 8 years. I got divorced and started dating again. Got remarried. The new husband had no kids and we did IVF.  After three pregnancies and losses, I gained all the weight back. I got rewired summer 2019, lost about 25 pounds. With my new job, I work with kids and I have to speak audibly and being wired was hard.

Would you recommend OJW for those looking to lose weight? I would recommend jaw wiring but definitely unwired on weekend. The grime on teeth is gross. 

You have to have the dentist unwire you each weekend? No,  the brackets are there. Wiring is like lacing sneakers, you do it. Very easy.

Orthodontic jaw wiring could be an alternative to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries for the right individual. As you can see, everyone's weight loss journey can be different and there is not one path one must follow in order to lose weight.

If you would like to see more of Natalie's weight loss in pictures, check out her YouTube video. And for those who want more information on the procedure or you are looking for a doctor who does OJW surgery, please read my article. Jaw wiring to lose weight 


  1. WOW! I don't know how you did it really. I have never heard of this before now.

  2. I have never heard of this for weight loss. What an interesting concept.

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