Inverted triangle Body Shape - 5 Exercises You Must Do


If you are looking for a workout for your inverted triangle body shape, there are five exercises you must do. These are the characteristics of an inverted triangle, but not all triangles have these.

Characteristics of an inverted triangle: 
  • The top part of your body is larger than your bottom part and you may wear a bigger size on top 
  • Shoulders are wider than your hips
  • The bust tends to be large
  • Hips are small
  • Your legs are shapely
Like I said above, you may not have all of these attributes. I wear medium tops and bottoms. My breasts are not large and my arms are thin. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you are probably an inverted triangle or an apple body shape. 
To make our bodies more proportional the goal would be to increase our bottom half through weight training. This is done by lifting heavy weights with repetitions between 8-12. Your upper body workouts should be done with light weights or bands with a lot of repetitions (15-20) for toning not building. If you want the full program with no fluff, go to The Inverted Triangle Body Shape Workout

Just remember this fact, this program will not turn your body shape into an hourglass. Love your body and work with what you have. However, if you want a shapelier bottom half you have to work at it. 

The following are the 5 exercises you need to do at least three days a week.

Sumo Squats

Hip Abductions

Side leg lunge

Hip Thrust

Romanian Deadlift


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