Post Thanksgiving Workout


It is the season to give thanks for our blessings throughout the year.  This year will be the first year I will celebrate Thanksgiving without my dad. He passed on Labor Day. I usually celebrate at my parent's home, however, this year we will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. Where ever you celebrate and you need a workout after eating a huge meal or you want to exercise the very next day, I have a post-Thanksgiving workout for you. It does not require a lot of equipment except for some hand towels or gliding discs and jump rope. 9Thanksgiving Workout

Thanksgiving Exercises

The workout is for beginners to more advanced exercisers. You can modify it to fit your fitness abilities. Below I have examples of the exercises via YouTube if you need to know how to do some of the exercises.

If you cannot jump rope because of lower body
 issues you can do opposite elbow to knee

Push-ups or counter pushups

*switch sides in the second round

* If squatting hurts your knees you can do lying leg lifts

*If you want something harder do a V-up crunch


  1. Love this workout routine. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great workout that I need to stick to after the holidays.

  3. Thank you for the information. I like the Ab Crunch.

  4. looks like a good workout

  5. This is a great list. We all tend to overeat during the holidays because everything is just so good!


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