Bariatric Food Journal - Stay on Track After Surgery


Weight loss surgery can be a life-changing experience via gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. The surgery is the beginning of the life-style change but it is nowhere near the end of the journey. You will need to create new healthier habits that will remain with you for the rest of your life. One of these habits would be to keep a bariatric food journal to stay on track after surgery.

I have seen the after-effects of not staying on track after surgery. Many of client has approached me about putting on weight after losing a lot of weight after surgery or they have reached a weight plateau. If it is not them struggling with weight loss, it might be a friend or family member who is having a hard time after weight loss surgery. This is the reason where a bariatric food journal is an important tool for long-term weight loss.

The Benefits of Food Journaling

The reason to keep a food journal is to help you keep track of the food choices that you will make during the day. Before weight loss surgery, this could be a great tactic that can help you track what you are eating which will allow you to become more conscious of what you are taking in throughout your day. After bariatric weight loss surgery, doing a food journal is just as important, as it can help you keep track of where you are getting your daily nutrients and if you are balancing your diet with the limited foods you can eat.

The most important things to remember when keeping any health journal, write it, be precise and be consistent. Write about what you are eating while you are eating it because if you wait you may forget what you had. Be precise: Record exactly how much you ate or drank, for example, if it a glass of milk how much did you drink. Be consistent: try to journal daily about your eating and exercise activities.

The Body Workout Food and Exercise Journal

I offer a 12-week food and exercise journal in my Etsy shop. This bariatric food journal offers the following:
Before and after measurement page
Short and long-term goals page
Doctors appointment chart
12-week food diary
Exercise journal
Weekly assessment journal

If you or a friend needs to be more conscious of what you are eating and drinking before or after weight loss surgery check out my food and exercise journal. 

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  1. This sounds like a great journal. I have a friend that had this surgery a few years ago and this would have been really helpful.

  2. Another way to keep a food journey is through an app.

  3. Really useful guide!! Keeping a journal isgood.


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