Does anyone offer step aerobics anymore?


Yes, step aerobics classes are still offered by many fitness centers, gyms, and dance studios. I teach a traditional step aerobics class on Wednesday nights in Chicago. While many fitness trends may come and go, step aerobics maintained a low profile and is gaining in popularity again. Below I will provide you with some locations around the country that offer step aerobics. If you know of any classes you like, I will add them to the list.

Step aerobics is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise. It combines rhythmic stepping patterns with upper-body movements to provide a full-body workout.

To find step aerobics classes near you, you can try the following options:

  1. Local fitness centers and gyms: Contact fitness facilities in your area to inquire about their class schedules and whether they offer step aerobics. Some larger chains may have dedicated step aerobics classes, while others may incorporate step workouts into their group fitness offerings.
  2. Dance studios: Many dance studios offer fitness classes alongside their dance programs. Check with local studios to see if they offer step aerobics as part of their fitness curriculum.
  3. Community centers: Community centers often offer a variety of fitness classes, including step aerobics. They may be more affordable or offer programs specifically designed for different age groups or fitness levels.
  4. Online platforms: If you prefer exercising from home or have difficulty finding in-person classes, there are numerous online platforms and fitness apps that provide step aerobics workouts. These platforms often offer pre-recorded or live-streamed classes led by instructors.

Calories Burned From Step Aerobics

The number of calories burned during step aerobics can vary depending on various factors such as your body weight, the intensity of the workout, the duration of the session, your individual fitness level, and last of not least, the height of the step. On average, a person weighing around 155 pounds (70 kg) can expect to burn approximately 260-350 calories during a 30-minute step aerobics session.

For a more accurate estimation based on your specific weight, you can use the following general calorie expenditure per 30 minutes of step aerobics:

  • 125 pounds (57 kg): Approximately 210-280 calories
  • 155 pounds (70 kg): Approximately 260-350 calories
  • 185 pounds (84 kg): Approximately 310-415 calories
  • 215 pounds (98 kg): Approximately 360-480 calories

It's important to note that these numbers are estimates, and individual results may vary. The best way to track your calorie burn during exercise is to use a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker that takes into account your personal data and heart rate.

Online step aerobics classes

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