Climb the Vessel to Stay Fit While in NYC


I didn't know until yesterday that a new building was going up in New York City. The building is called the Vessel and it is a great way to get in your daily exercise if you are visiting from out of town. 
The Vessel is located in the Hudson Yards. It is a spiral staircase landmark which is meant to be climbed like the Effiel Tower in Paris France. This piece of architecture is the brainchild of Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studios. As you climb, you can view the city from different angles.

This landmark is comprised of 154 interconnecting flights of stairs with almost 2500 steps. It is a vertical climb one mile up and would definitely get your blood pumping. When you finish your climb, you can take in the public square and gardens below.

If you are visiting NYC and you would like to tackle the Vessel, you must book a ticket and I would do it prior to getting to the city. They just opened so it might be hard to get tickets so if you are going soon buy your ticket(s) now.  Book Tickets 


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