DNA Nutrition Test - Nutrisystem's New DNA Kit

DNA Nutrition Test

Nutrisystem has gotten in the DNA game by offering a DNA program to find the best nutritional program for you and you alone. I wanted to do this test but 23 and Me's health DNA is expensive. 

A few years ago, I took the ancestry test through Ancestry.com and found out many surprises along with hundreds of new cousins. The price of their kit is $99 but you can catch a sale from time to time. They don't offer the health kit like 23 and Me. The 23 and Me health kit is $199.00; however, they do offer more than your nutritional health which may be the reason for the higher price tag.

If you just want to find out about the foods your body thrives on and an eating plan, then the Nutrisystem program would be for you. According to the Nutrisystem, this is what you will discover:
  1. How your metabolism affects your weight loss and what you can do about it effectively.
  2. The right nutrients, no more guessing.
  3. Your fat loss fitness program and how to build a better workout for you.

How it is done

Nutrisystem will send you a kit and you do a cheek swab and then send it into their certified lab in the postage-paid envelope. After a few weeks, your DNA will be analyzed and they will deliver you a comprehensive report, with a complete easy action plan for success. 

So there will be no need to guess if you need to be on the paleo, ketogenic, low-carb diet, your DNA will tell you. You will follow your personalized nutrition plan to lose weight according to your body's unique needs.

Nutrisystem is offering the kit with 20% off the original price of $99.99. Get it today for 79.99 and stop wondering what is the best meal and nutrition plan for you.


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