Make Extra Money As A Step Instructor

You might be scratching your head thinking people still do step aerobics classes? In fact, in certain clubs, step aerobics is still popular.  I actually teach hip hop step aerobics twice a week. There are people who have been taking the class for years and newbies who want to learn how to do step aerobics, coming repeatedly to my class.

Because step aerobics is old school, the club where I teach is finding it to be very difficult to employ step aerobics instructors. Most new instructors are learning how to teach Zumba, Spinning, Barre, and other new concepts. 

If you love to take step classes and you want to have your own class or be on the sub list for different clubs, you will need to acquire your group fitness instructor certification. You can start by asking the instructor to allow you to teach segments of the class so you can get on-site training with the teacher present. Trust me, the step aerobics instructor will be grateful that he or she will have someone to call in case he or she is running late or an emergency takes place in class and you will be available to step right in.

Your pay per class can range from $15-$35 an hour, depending upon the club and/or where you live in the country. However, it is not a bad side hustle and it puts extra money in your pocket and keeps you in shape at the same time.

How to prepare to become a step instructor

1. Become a group instructor and CPR certified
2. Design a step routine
3. Apply to become a substitute instructor at one or several clubs
4. Have step aerobics music for your class

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, there are inexpensive group certification programs. Read my blog post on what are the most affordable group exercise certifications. To become CPR certified, google an upcoming class in your area or ask the fitness manager at your local health club if they are hosting any classes for the staff.

To design your own step routine, start with a warm-up, practice that until you know the routine by heart. Start constructing the body of the class, design it so that portion will take 20 to 30 minutes. This will take longer to learn. If you need step patterns, go to YouTube and use some of the step routines designed by step instructors. You can follow their routine exactly or make some changes that you might prefer to do. After perfecting the warm-up and the body of the class, move to the cool-down and stretching portion of the routine. When you have this down to memory, you will be ready to test the program with the instructor or a friend.

After you have been evaluated by an instructor and you are group certified, you can then apply to health clubs that offer step aerobics. If you prefer to be just a sub, I would suggest applying to several health clubs and if you want your own class, you might have to get on the sub list first unless the club is looking for a step aerobics instructor.

You will need music and I recommend Cardio Mixes. They have a huge catalog of step music to choose from, so check them out.

I hope this gets you started on your instructor's journey and if you have any questions, send me an email to


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