How To Get Rid of Stubborn Back Fat


Do you have back fat and you have been trying to get rid of it? Is there a backless dress or swimsuit you refuse to wear because of back fat? If that is yes, let me help you look great in that little black dress or swimsuit according to what season it is. Below is information on how to get rid of stubborn back fat.

What is back fat?

Back fat is just fat and some people are predisposed to carrying fat in that area. In order to get rid of it, you must lose weight. You cannot work that back fat pocket with back exercises and lose fat in that area. 

Exercises can help back fat is doing aerobic or cardiovascular exercises for 15-20 minutes for beginners and 30-45 minutes for advanced exercisers.

Cardio or Aerobic Exercises:
Rowing(Rowing Machine)
Elliptical Machine
Stair Climbing
Cross Country Skiing
Jumping Rope

You will also have to do resistance training to tone and strengthen the back muscles. Strength or resistance training helps to build muscle mass which increases your metabolism so you will burn more calories and fat. Don't worry, with resistance bands or tubes, you won't bulk up. 

I like Spri resistance tubes and they have a chart so you can tell which level is appropriate for your fitness level. They can be also found on Amazon. Make sure you buy two or three different levels because some body parts are stronger than others. And as you get stronger, you will have to move up to the next level resistance band.

The resistance program should be done two or three days a week with one day of rest between the resistance training workouts. For beginners, do 10-12 reps and if you have been exercising for a while, do 15-20 reps. I will post videos of the exercises in the workout plan.

Back Fat Exercises

How To Get Rid of Stubborn Back Fat 
Workout plan
1. Lat pulldowns (you will need the door attachment)
2. Push-ups on countertop or floor
3. Lunges
4. Wide grip lat pulldowns
5. Push-ups wide grip on countertop or floor
6. Bicycles abs (30 seconds to one minute)
7. Squats shoulder press*
*You may need two bands or a very light level band
8. Plank (15 seconds to one minute)
9. Back extensions on the floor

Repeat two or three times and then stretch
Fast five-minute stretching workout plan

Weekly Workout Plan Example

Monday: Stubborn back fat workout plan
Tuesday: Cardio 15-20 minutes Beginners 30-45 minutes for advanced exercisers
Wednesday: Stubborn back fat workout plan
Thursday: Cardio day
Friday: Stubborn back fat workout plan
Saturday: Cardio or rest
Sunday: Rest
*Feel free to adjust the days to fit your schedule

Meal Plan to Lose Body Fat

Lastly but very important, you must lose overall body fat to see results and your diet is very important. I have two programs, one is counting calories the other is eating clean for six days with a free day once a week. These programs can be found in my shop on Etsy. Also, feel free to find an eating plan that will fit into your lifestyle. 

I hope this workout plan helps you get into your best shape and feel free to share it with a relative or friend.


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