Exercises For Skiing Beginners

I have been invited to go on a ski vacation but I have never been skiing. Since this would be my first time on the slopes, I was thinking about going but spending my time in the ski lodge instead. However, a friend told me if you are going skiing you might as well get the most out of your trip. 

I decided to look on YouTube to find a video that will prepare me for my ski getaway. I found one I really like and it was put together by Dr. Craig Mclean, a chiropractor who is a skier. After looking at the video, it is great for someone who has been exercising for a while, like moi. However, if you are a beginner or you haven't exercised in a while, check out my modifications.

Exercises For Skiing Beginners
1. Side plank for beginners
20 - 30 seconds each side
2. Squats (if your knees won't let you do a full squat)
10 reps 
3. Lunges with a chair or reverse lunge
10 reps each leg
4. Side jump for beginners
10 - 12 reps
Repeat 3 times and then stretch

Do this workout three days a week and include cardio on your non-exercise for skiing beginners' workout days.

If you are not a beginner and you would like a longer workout, try the 30-minute ski conditioning workout below. This a great program even for those who are not going skiing but want to get into shape.

I hope this plan helps you get fit for skiing. Try the above workouts with or without the modifications. Do this and you will not be spending all of your time in the ski lodge but on the slopes having fun.


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