Lose Belly Fat Without Dieting


If your friends or family have been trying to get you on the paleo, the keto, or a low-carb diet but you don't want anything so complicated. Here are some ways to lose belly fat without dieting.

Best tips on losing belly fat

1. Eat on a small plate or get one of those portion-controlled plates to eat your meals. By cutting back on your portion sizes, you could see a dramatic decrease in your weight within one week.

2. If you are a snacker especially after dinner, cut that out. Have low-calorie gum and hard candy available if you have a craving to snack on something. Also, brush your teeth after eating dinner, this may help you from reaching for the popcorn or chips.

3. Go meatless three days a week by eating more fruits and veggies at mealtime. Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy vegetables and fruits so you won't have to fill up on pasta, bread, and potatoes at dinnertime.

4. Make sure you stay within the serving sizes for your meats and complex carbohydrates. A serving of cooked rice is 1/2 cup (118ml) and a serving of cooked pasta is one cup (236ml). If you don't know what a serving size is for a food item, you can look it up here or read the label on the container.

5. Go easy on the fruit. Sometimes we eat way too much fruit, for example, 30-40 grapes or half of a watermelon is too much fruit per day. Remember to look up serving sizes on everything that you consume except for green leafy, orange, and yellow vegetables.

6. Decrease the amount of soda or pop in your diet. If you are used to drinking 4 cans per day, drop it down to one or two cans per day. I had a friend decrease her weight by eight pounds in one week by cutting out fruit juices and soda.

7. Eat your fruit don't drink it. A serving of orange juice is one cup and that is it. If you are consuming a bottle of juice a day, drink only half the bottle and save the rest for the next day.

8. If you love sweets or chips, don't bring those items into your home. I love chocolate cake, but I would never buy a whole cake. I would end up eating the whole thing by myself, especially since my husband is not a chocolate cake lover.

9. If you have a taste for chips, candies, or cookies. Go to the store and buy one small candy bar or a tiny bag of chips and that is all you can have for that day.

10. Don't eat fried meats more than once a week or once a month. If you are accustom to eating fried meat three or more days a week, decrease that amount to once or twice a week. After, drop it down to once or twice a month.

11. Try to cook more often at home and eat out less, no more than once a week.

12. Try lower calorie condiments like salsa, skim milk, low-calorie salad dressing, or low-calorie mayonnaise. For example, adding butter to pancakes can add 100 or more calories to your meal. By avoiding the butter and just using the syrup will make your meal a little lighter and healthier.

13. If you do eat at a fast-food restaurant, go for the salads or order a kid's meal or the smallest burger and fries. When ordering your favorite coffee or latte, buy the smallest size, and stay away from the huge sizes.

Here are some of my healthier eating tips if you want to lose weight, but you don't want to give up on certain foods or go with designated meal plans. Have you lost weight by implementing similar ideas?


  1. Thanks for these great tips. There are quite a few that I am going to use.


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