Subscription Meal Delivery Kits When You Are On A Budget


Have you ever wanted to buy one of those meal delivery kits but you found them too expensive? Do you find that they don't fit into your lifestyle because you are committed to two or three meals a week? Let me tell you that I have found a way you can try the meals and not kill your budget because you are plowing for pennies.

Ever since I saw Plated on Shark Tank, I have wanted so badly to get that meal kit subscription but I found it too expensive for my budget. I would go to their site almost weekly, window shopping wishing to buy their meal kits. However, I knew better not to commit to something I couldn't afford.

Now that there are many meal delivery kit programs on the market, I decided to revisit these plans to see who offers the best price and nutrition for my tastes. I read several articles about comparing different meal delivery program's food, prices, nutrition and etc. I am not going to go over what they reported, you can do that yourself, but I will let you know I still found them not conducive to my lifestyle and budget.

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It finally hit me how to do it and it came to me because of my family situation. My twin sister lives with my elderly parents and she wants to make sure they are eating nutritious meals. My younger sister suggested Hello Fresh. My twin and mom found Hello Fresh meals satisfying but too caloric. My dad was not too pleased with the Hello Fresh meals. He and my mom are originally from the South and love Southern cooking.

I suggested to my sister to try Sun Basket because they have several plans for people watching their weight. They offer paleo, lean & clean, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean, and family options. I told my sister about Peach Dish too because of the Southern theme of their meals. My twin decided on Sun Basket and so far everyone is satisfied with the program.

My sister offered me a meal to try out and told me to come over and get another meal kit next week; that is when I had that eureka moment. For those wanting to try meal kit programs why not team up with friends or family and share the cost.

The Solution - Form A Tontine Meal Delivery Group

What is a tontine? According to Webster's Dictionary it is a joint financial arrangement whereby the participants usually contribute equally to a prize that is awarded entirely to the participant who survives all the others.

You would have to form a group with people with the same lifestyle. To make it work, your group would pay and then get together weekly to choose who gets what meals.  That means, that if you are on a plan that gets three family meals a week, each family will get one meal a piece. This is a way to try out the meal delivery program and not put you in the poor house.

However, it won't work if you have different family sizes in the group. Singles should form a group with other singles and etc. Unless, the single person would make the family size portion and freeze or eat the same meal as leftovers during the week.

Right now, I'm enjoying the SunBasket meals I get once a week and it is costing me about ten dollars.  Do you think this is a viable solution or too complicated? Do you have a subscription to any of the programs above? Let me know what you think in the comments below.