Two Month Wedding Workout Plan

Two Month Wedding Workout Plan


Are you getting married soon and you need to get start sweating for the wedding?  Let me help you with this two month wedding workout plan. If you have more than eight weeks before the wedding day, you can stretch out the plans from five weeks, six weeks, etc. It is based on how much time you have left before you get married.
The program is broken up into two four week segments and it doesn't matter which one you do first. You will need three sets of dumbbells. Let's say you have three pounds, you need to get five and eight pounds. If you can lift five pounds already, get eight and ten-pound weights. The reason for the different weight levels, some body parts are stronger than other body parts so you will need a heavier or lighter weight.

How do you know you need to increase or decrease the amount of weight you're lifting?  This workout requires you to lift between 12-20 reps. If you do a 12 repetition biceps curl and you get to repetition 7 and you cannot lift anymore, the weight is too heavy. However, if you get to the twelfth rep with ease, the weight is too light. You must find that Goldilocks zone of just right. The last few reps should feel really heavy but you still can lift them without straining yourself.

How many days a week? You do these workouts three days a week with a day rest between the workouts. On your rest day from doing the strength exercises, you will do 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise weeks one through four and 30 to 45 minutes weeks five through eight. So, you will be working out at least five or six days with one day of rest per week.

Workout Setup
Monday: Sweating for the wedding workout
Tuesday: Cardiovascular workout
Wednesday: Sweating for the wedding workout
Thursday: Cardiovascular workout
Friday: Sweating for the wedding workout
Saturday: Cardiovascular workout

*View each video to learn how to properly perform each exercise.
Workout Weeks (1 - 4)  3 days a week
Back Lunges 12-15 reps
Chest flyes on the bench or on floor  10-12 reps
Walking lunges  12-15 reps going and returning
Back rows 10-12 reps
Crunches on the floor or stability ball 15-20 reps
Shoulder press 10-12 reps
Twist crunch on the floor or stability ball 15-20 reps each side
Lateral raises 10-12 reps
Squats 12-15 reps
Plank or modified plank 15 seconds to 1 minute
Hammer curls 10-15 reps
Tricep kickbacks 10-15 reps
Back raises 12-15 reps
Calf raises 15-25 reps
Clams 15-25 each side
Reverse sit-ups 15-20 reps
Bridge with inner thigh ball squeeze 15-20 reps
Repeat 2 or 3 times
Total body stretch

Workout Weeks (5 - 8)  3 days a week

Work for 30-45 seconds with 15-30 seconds rest between exercises
Jumping jacks holding the stability ball  45 seconds
Bicycles 45 seconds
Push-ups on the floor or on the kitchen counter 45 seconds
Side to side squat 45 seconds
Standing opposite elbow to knee 45 seconds
Squat, Bicep Curl, Overhead Press 45 seconds
Basic step on bench or stairs 45 seconds each leg
Run in place 45 seconds
Repeat two or three times 
Total body stretch

If you feel that the workout is not hard enough or you want another workout weeks (5-8) 3 days a week. Try this one: Gliding Disc Boot-camp workout


In order to fit in your dress, you must follow a low-calorie eating plan. It is a must! You can choose a program that will fit into your lifestyle. You can do meal planning or a food delivery program, look at different programs and then stick to it.

Weight loss programs:
Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
FA(Food Addicts in Recovery)

Weight loss programs in-home and online
Mayo Clinic Diet
Six-Day Meal Plan
Smoothie Jumpstart Diet
A Simple Diet
Fully Personalized Meal Plan

Food delivery programs:
Pete's Paleo

Bride Workout Gear

Sweating for the wedding tank to let everyone why you are exercising.
Here it is and congratulations on your future wedding and marriage. Do this two month wedding workout plan and look fierce on your big day.


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