Oxtail Pot Roast Recipe Using Red Wine

Oxtail Pot Roast


I love a good pot roast and the best time to make it is on a cold winter's day. A few years ago, I discovered that oxtails make the perfect meat for this dish. It really gives the traditional pot roast recipe a big boost. Make this oxtail pot roast during cold winter months and you will see that it's the best oxtail recipe you will 
find anywhere.

I have adapted the recipe from the Cooking Light site and made adjustments to my liking along the way. The first adjustment, I replaced 2 pounds of oxtails for the one pound of pot roast the recipe calls for. I actually boil and then simmer my oxtails for 45 minutes. Place the oxtails in a large pan with water and add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The process of boiling helps to eliminate some of the fat. When it is almost at the end of the 45 minutes, I begin to follow the Cooking Light recipe. 

The recipe states to sauté onions first then add garlic, red wine, thyme, beef broth, a bay leaf, and the meat into a dutch oven and cook for 45 minutes to one hour. Forty-five minutes to one hour is enough time because you boiled your oxtails at the beginning.

After one hour, you will add your vegetables. I like green peas in my pot roast so I either add fresh green peas with the other vegetables or I add a small can of green peas the last 10 minutes of cooking. After adding your fresh vegetables, you cook your dish for another 30-45 minutes. You want the meat to be very tender, so adding on some extra cooking time is fine.


Since I have made this recipe many times, I found the perfect wine for this oxtail pot roast. Barefoot's Sweet Red Blend is the perfect vino for this recipe. It is also a great drink to go along with the meal so you might need another bottle. Go to their site to find a store that sells it near your location.

Et Voila, that is it. If you have never had oxtails, don't be afraid, it is just the tail of beef cattle. Red meat lovers should love oxtails. Try my recipe and let me know what you think of any changes you made to the recipe in the comments below.

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  1. This looks so yummy and is inspiring me to go and buy some wine and make it. I love oxtail!

  2. I can't wait to try this, thank you!

  3. This looks fantastic. I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks.

  4. I have never had Oxtail before but I would love to make the recipe for my family!


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