12 Minute Workout


You want to exercise but you just don't have much time during the day. Your kids, your job and other hobbies take up too much of your time but you know, you need to exercise. If you have any resistance tubes or bands at home, check out my 12-minute workout using resistance tubes. 

What equipment you need

You will need several resistance tubes of different sizes, thicker the tube harder the resistance. If you use a tube that is too hard to lift over your head and etc, you could injure yourself. You will need more tubes and I recommend resistance tubes by Spri. They are color-coded according to resistance. You also will need the Spri door attachment unless you will be using a basement beam.

How to do the workout

Start the 12-minute resistance tubes workout with a warm-up for about one minute and end the workout with a few stretches. Do this workout three days a week and do a 12-minute aerobic workout on your none resistance training days. Aerobic exercise is anything that is continuous and uses the larger muscle groups, like running, walking, stair climbing, rowing, swimming laps, skating, jumping rope, cross country skiing, cycling.

Sample workout:
Monday - 12-minute resistance tubes workout
Tuesday - 12-minute aerobic workout
Wednesday - 12-minute resistance tubes workout
Thursday - 12-minute aerobic workout
Friday - 12-minute resistance tubes workout
Saturday - Rest day or aerobic exercise
Sunday - Rest day

The Workout 

Warm-up 1 minute
Chest press 15 - 25 reps
Rows with squats 15 - 25 reps
Abs 15 - 25 reps *beginner position is shown also
Squats 10 - 20 reps
Plank 15 to 60 seconds
Bicep Curls 15 - 25 reps
Lunges 12 - 15 reps per leg
Tricep push downs 15 - 30 reps *use door attachment

You can do this and it will only take 12 - 15 minutes out of your day. With an exercise mat or large beach towel, resistance tubes and door attachment, you can get in better shape and health. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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