Valentine's Fitness Etsy Gift Guide


Updated Valentine's Etsy Fitness Gift Guide - 2/2020 

These are my Valentine's ideas for the love(s) in your life and all of the items are found on Etsy. All you need to do is to click the link or the picture and it will take it to the Etsy shop. *This post does contain affiliate links.

These leggings remind me of chocolate and raspberry candies. A perfect legging to wear year long and on Valentine's Day. They also have plus and tall sizes.

There is nothing better than a beautiful soap in your bathroom or to use when you are taking a bath or shower. I love a pretty soap but they don't last in my home, I use my soaps. The last soap I bought smelled like mangoes. Seaside Soap Kitchen has a chocolate and strawberries soap that is great for Valentine's.

I'm not a bath but a shower person. These bath bombs are quite popular with bath lovers. If your man takes baths, check out this bath bomb that is made with bentonite clay and organic grape seed oil and scented with sandalwood fragrance oil. Dudes love baths too!

I love my high top Vans. I have two colors, blue and brown and pink. I would like a black color and these are so pretty. I think everyone should have a pair of Vans in their closet.

FlyTrapLife - Fun Gifts · Funny Valentines · Naughty · Sexy
Want to spice up your relationship? FlyTrapOne says, "Give your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend these naughty, sexy love or sex coupons for your wedding, first paper anniversary, or just because you want more nookie." Visit their store to see all of their fun gifts, there is a lot more offered at their shop.


Bath bomb lovers this Cupid's Kiss has mandarin orange, melon, blackberry, and violet leaf blend, followed by notes of lavender, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and nectarine. The little hearts really are so precious and would be the cutest Valentine's gift.

Let your man brag about his skills as husband or boyfriend. A great gift for the tee shirt lover.

I need a gorgeous lingerie set and this is my pick by Toma Lingerie Her shop is based in Ukraine so if you love this, you better act fast. 

This tee can be worn at the gym or with a great pair of jeans. Also, the shirt would go great with Vans from Madness by FRA


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