5 Tips To Get A Black Panther Female Warrior Body

Black Panther Workout For Women


To get ready for his role in the Black Panther movie, Michael B. Jordan lifted heavy-weights with a lot of repetitions. He also worked out several times a day. I decided to recreate his work out but more geared towards women. These are my 5 tips plus a workout to get that Black Panther Female Warrior body.

Tip 1  Workout Twice A Day

You must workout twice a day until you reach your goal. Workout number one is a basic weight training program. You must perform each exercise for one minute. When you near the end of each minute, it should feel like you cannot lift anymore. If you can get through the minute with ease, the weight is too light but if you get to 30 seconds and can't go any longer, the weight is too heavy. You have to find that sweet spot.

Workout number two is a high-intensity training program. You will need a couple of dumbbells and gliding discs or small hand towels. Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest.

You can choose to do workout number one in the morning or evening and it is the same for workout number two, you have to see what fits into your schedule. You do workout number one and workout number two, three times a week with a day of rest between weight workouts. *See the workouts below

If you have any issues with your knees, back or shoulders do not attempt to do this workout plan. I can design a joint-friendly program for a small fee. Please send me an email at sheilafit10@gmail.com

Tip 2  Do Cardio Two or Three Times A Week

On the days you are not weight training, do cardiovascular(aerobic exercise) for 20 minutes for beginners and 30 to 45 minutes for non-beginners. Cardio workouts are biking, running, walking, rowing, stair climbing, swimming, skating, the elliptical trainer and etc.

Tip 3  Stretch After Working Out

Because you will be working out a lot, it is imperative that you do a total body stretch on your weight training days after each workout. On the cardio days, you only need to stretch your lower body but if you want, you can do a total body stretch too.
Stretching is important because it helps to keep your muscles flexible so you can maintain full range of motion in your joints. With exercise, the muscles tend to shorten and become tight. By stretching after your workout, this process helps to bring your muscles back to their resting state. Look at these following videos if you do not know how to stretch your upper or lower body.

*You don't need to all of the stretches but do one for each body part        

Tip 4   Eat Clean or Eat Six Meals A Day     

A nutritious and lower-calorie eating plan is a must and you CANNOT look like the women in the picture above if your diet is not on point. Michael B. Jordan ate six small meals a day in order to get ready for his movie role. I find some people do well with this plan while others do not, you have to choose a program that fits into your lifestyle. I found a program you can use if you want to try the six meal plan. Now Eat This! Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks Eating 6 Meals a Day!

I have a clean eating plan which is low in carbs 6 days a week and you have one day in which you can eat what you want if you like. It is found on Etsy and is an instant download upon purchase. The Six-Day Food Challenge. Here is a sample of the program:
1. 64 ounces(1.8L) of water daily
2. No soda
3. No bread
4. No pasta
5. No sugar except honey or agave
6. No sweets (candy, cookies, cake) unless it is a paleo dessert
7. No fried food
8. No rice except wild and brown rice and you can have 1/2 cooked rice      

Tip 5  Embrace Your Rest Day  

With this warrior program, you can workout five or six days a week but you MUST rest at least one day a week - that means no cardio, no weights, no yoga. If you feel tight, you can do a total body stretch but that is it. Your body needs days off too.

10-minute total body stretch by FitSugar

Workout One Morning or Evening

Gym Workout
Sit ups or crunches 1 minute
Lat pulldown 1 minute
Leg Press 1 minute
Bicycles 1 minute
Any ab machine 1 minute
Plank 1 minute
Leg extension 1 minute
Any ab machine 1 minute
Russian twist 1 minute
Leg curl machine seated or prone 1 minute
Back raise on a stability ball or hyperextension machine 1 minute
Rest and repeat one time more time

Home Workout
 Chest press dumbbells 1 minute
Sit ups or crunches  1 minute
Back Rows 1 minute
Alternating Lunges with weights 1 minute
Bicycles 1 minute
Shoulder Press with plie squat with dumbbells 1 minute
Plank 1 minute
Bicep curls with  dumbbells 1 minute
Russian twist 1 minute
Dead Lift 1 minute
Tricep Kickbacks 1 minute per arm
Back raises on stability ball or on the floor 1 minute
Rest and repeat one time more time

Workout Two Morning or Evening
Squat jumps 45 seconds
Mountain climbers with discs or hand towels or no discs 45 seconds
Flutter kicks 45 seconds
Triceps Dips 45 seconds
Burpees 45 seconds
Rest and repeat two or three times

These are your tips and if you have any questions, you can comment below or send me an email at sheilafit10@gmail.com


  1. awesome article. i do cardio daily and it's a fun exercise.

  2. Replies
    1. You could if you are preparing for a big event like a movie. 😁 Hard work, great results. Thanks for stopping by Wendy.


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