Iceberg Lettuce Versus Romaine Lettuce


The CDC has told everyone who lives in the United States to get rid of your romaine lettuce due to it being the source of an e-Coli outbreak. The outbreak has killed one person and has made many others sick. 
Romaine lettuce for many years has been held up as a healthier, greener than the old standard iceberg lettuce. However, iceberg lettuce has gotten a bad rap and it is now time to clear up these misconceptions. Take the quiz below:

1.  Which lettuce has more vitamin K?
2.  Does iceberg lettuce have vitamin A?
3.  Which lettuce has more calcium?
4.  Does romaine or iceberg lettuce has potassium?
5.  Which lettuce contains more water?


1.  Romaine lettuce has more vitamin K but iceberg lettuce has it too. For one cup(72g) iceberg lettuce has 17.4 mcg and romaine lettuce has 48 mcg

2.  Romaine lettuce, of course, has more vitamin A but iceberg lettuce is a good source of the vitamin per one-cup serving.  4094 IU romaine lettuce - 361 IU iceberg lettuce

3. Romaine lettuce has more calcium, but calcium is also found in iceberg lettuce. 13 mg iceberg lettuce - 15.5 mg romaine lettuce

4. They both have potassium.  102 mg iceberg lettuce - 115 mg romaine lettuce

5.  Iceberg lettuce has more water, which makes it great for weight loss. You will fill full quicker eating this lettuce compared to the romaine lettuce.  68.9 grams iceberg lettuce - 44.5 grams romaine lettuce

As you can see, the iceberg lettuce has more to offer than its past history of having no nutritional value. The dark leafy green lettuce varieties have a higher vitamin and mineral content but don't think you have to give up your salad since there is a temporary ban on romaine lettuce. If you want more vitamins, feel free to add carrots, bell peppers, spinach to your iceberg lettuce salad.


  1. I have always been an iceberg lettuce salad just would not feel complete without it��


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