Healthful Living - 3 Tips to Stay On Track All Year Long


I decided to write this post late in January after all of the New Year's resolutions have already been broken or abandoned. I think if you adopt one or two of healthful living tips and make them very specific, you will have great success at keeping them through the entire year. 

Tip 1.  Meal Plan

If you are very loose with what you eat and you want to lose weight, I advise that you sit down and plan your meals throughout the week. You might only have to plan lunch or dinner especially if you eat the same breakfast daily. Buy a set of five to seven Tupperware or meal prep containers and create lunches and/or dinners for the whole week. If you are cooking for the entire family, stews, chili, and soups are easy and fast to make on Sundays. Mason jars are also great if you are a salad lover and want to eat them for lunch or dinner. Meal planning is one of the top reasons people who have lost weight and kept it off using this method. 

Tip 2.  Eat Healthy Snacks

If you are a snacker and you run to the vending machine daily, you need to focus on buying healthier snacks to munch on throughout the day.  A great afternoon snack especially if you like Greek yogurt would be Dannon's Oikos Protein Crunch. It has 17 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. By drinking a glass of water along with Dannon's Oikos Protein Crunch, the protein and fiber will help you to fill full for many hours. It can be found at Walmart and they offer many varieties. I'm not a Greek yogurt fan and I tried this and I found it to be really tasty. It also has Zero Artificial Sweeteners which is another plus.

Other healthy snacks would be 20 nuts of any variety but only 15 to 20 no more than that. People tend to eat too many nuts. Another trick to eating nuts would be to buy them in the shell because after cracking about six or eight pecans or walnuts, most people are sick of doing all that work. 

Any veggie with low-fat dip or hummus is also a great snack. A piece of fruit or a cup of berries is a healthy snack, just make sure you are eating a serving size. People tend to eat more than one serving especially if it is a melon, berries or grapes.

Tip 3.  Workout That Fits Your Schedule 

Don't like to work out or you find that you stop working out a few weeks after starting an exercise program, you need to adopt a plan that fits your schedule. I'm not a morning exerciser and I would never stick to a morning routine. I found that if I do my weight training on Sunday morning and Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, it has been a schedule I have been able to stick to. If you can only devote two days to working out stick to those two days and don't worry about it. You may in the future find more days or ways to get in extra activity.

You don't like cardio but you like to dance, try Zumba, Barre or any dance class. My client along with three of her co-workers walk the stairs at her job. They have 40 floors and they walk from level one up to level forty daily at lunch-time. A couple of her co-workers stated this has helped them get moving because they detest working out. 

These are my top three tips on getting healthier in 2020. Adopt one, two or all three of these tips and have a family member or friend do it with you. Good luck and have a healthy new year.


  1. Trying so hard to stay on the healthy track. I have been blocked by so many hurdles already/

    1. You stop or drop out, you just have to pick back up and keep it moving. We all have our weak periods.

  2. These are good suggestions in my opinion. One that I am very weak at is meal planning. I believe this would do wonders for me because if I have something already prepared or ready to put together I eat that and think no more about it. This is one that I am going to do. Thanks again.

    1. I also need to plan more. I'm starting to do that now especially on the days I have a lot of clients.

  3. These tips seem simple but are very important. Thanks.


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