Burn Fat With These Three Ten Minute Workouts


New Year New You Workout

 I hope you are starting off with a happy, healthy new year if not I can get you started burning fat with these three 10 minute workouts. The first one will be for beginners and the last two are for more advanced exercisers. You can click the link on each exercise for the video demonstration on YouTube. Enjoy and get started on January 1, 2019, or anytime during the year.

10-minute workout for beginners
Do one time and stretch

10-minute workout advanced 
Push-ups 45 seconds
Do one time and stretch

10-minute workout advanced
Do one time and stretch

Bonus video, do this workout once a week for extra stretching

Another workout you should look at because it is a quickie, only 30 minutes: Planet Fitness Circuit At Home Part Two.


  1. It's great to have some shorter workouts in your library for busy days or to add onto a run. Thanks for sharing and happy new year


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