2nd hand bike - I Bought A Stationary Bike For $125 From eBay


I bought a stationary bike off of eBay and it only cost $125.00. However, the seller and I made an error by completing the sale in person, that is a no-no and we got reprimanded from eBay. Because there was no shipping, the total cost was $125.00.

I have two club memberships and one which is free because I work there part-time but I still wanted a bike to prepare me for the 2018 outdoor cycling season. My sister told me about a YouTube channel that I can exercise along with professional cyclists. The group is called GCN or Global Cycling Network. They really push the viewer and that has taken my cycling to the next level. The only problem I had, I was using up my phone's gigabytes because my clubs do not have free wifi. I decided to buy a bike I could use at home that didn't cost loads of money.


I have never bought a large ticket item on eBay, just smaller items like shoes and etc. My results have always been positive from the site so I decided to look there first for my bike. The seller lives in the suburbs of Chicago and he stated that the bike was a Diamondback 600 series, an older model but in good condition. He had only ridden it two or three times. I went to test it out and bought it on site. The seller helped me put it in the back of my truck and that was it.

eBay scolded us for not doing the transaction on their site and since I didn't know any better, they let it slide this time. I know not to do that anymore. Anyway, I have a new bike and I will be ready to take on my husband who teases me about my slow riding skills. If you need any exercise equipment, large or small, check out eBay before paying the full price for your item.

A great workout to try: The Stationary Bike Workout


  1. Congrats on your new bike, Sheila! Hope you use is often. How do you stay motivated to workout on a stationary bike?

    1. I do the workouts with Global Cycling Network off of YouTube. Those videos are so good.

  2. Great, a cheap exercising bike to help with my workout

  3. You got an awesome deal! Also thanks for sharing the Global Cycling link.


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