Become A Spin Instructor

Need Extra Money?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have so many bills, you have lost count? Do you want extra money to buy a new toy but you don't want to put it on a credit card? Are you passionate and love taking cycle or spinning classes? Have you ever thought, I can teach a cycling class? Become a spin instructor and become fit and debt-free at the same time. 

Group cycling classes have been around since the early 1990s and Spinning® classes are the most recognized cycling classes in the world. Since then other cycling classes have joined Spinning as one of the largest training niches in the world. You might recognize and have taken the following classes such as Peloton and Soul Cycle. 

Spin Instructor Course

If you are ready to get started, I have provided information on some of the cycling certifications from the affordable to the expensive.
1.  FiTOUR® Primary Indoor Cycling Certification without study guide  $79
2.  NETA  Indoor Group Cycling Specialty Certification  $189
3.  NCCPT Indoor Cycling Instructor exam without study manual $199
4.  SPINNING Indoor Live or Online Certification $355
5.  AFPA Cycle Instructor Certification $415

How Much Can I Make Per Class?

It all depends upon where you live, your experience, which clubs or organizations you work for and your personality or it factor. The average cycling instructor salary is $25-$35 a class/hour. If you live in a small town, the salary could be below $25 a class, it all depends upon location. Clubs like Soul Cycle or online Peloton class instructors can make $60/hr or more (up to $500/class for a Peloton Instructor), however, you have to be an experienced teacher, have a winning personality with the ability to entertain and the look that fits their brand image. 

I have two friends who are cycle instructors. Friend #1 makes $25 a class and teaches five classes per week. His monthly income from cycling classes is on average about $500 per month pretax. Friend #2 teaches at Soul Cycle and makes $70 a class and also teaches five classes a week. He averages about $1400 per month teaching cycling classes. Both friends are in great shape and are enjoying their fitness side hustle.

As you can see, cycling can make a lucrative part-time job. Get certified today and enjoy a healthier lifestyle along with becoming debt-free and financially secure. 


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