Heart Attack? Request Cardiac Rehab

This post is a rant about doctors not sending their patients to cardiac rehab after having a heart attack or bypass surgery and etc. This is the 10th person I have met recently that stated that after having a heart attack the doctor gave him or her meds and sent them home. 

There was no talk about aftercare with cardiac rehab. Since I used to work in a hospital in cardiac rehab, I have seen the after-effects of patients who have benefitted from a nutrition and rehab program.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised exercise and nutrition program for people who have had a heart attack, heart failure, heart valve surgery, coronary artery bypass or stent surgery. Cardiac rehab is provided in an outpatient center or in a hospital rehabilitation clinic. 

People who have participated in cardiac rehab programs usually decrease their chances of having another event by living a healthier lifestyle. It also gets the patient back to their regular routine sooner. Read more about cardiac rehabilitation here.

Cardiac rehab won’t change the past but it will set you up for a brighter, healthier and more productive future lifestyle. Please, if you know anyone who is having heart health problems, tell them to demand that their cardiologist send them to a cardiac rehabilitation program. It is covered by insurance.

Do you know anyone who has gone to cardiac rehabilitation?


  1. Yay for cardiac rehab! I'm on my cadiology rotation right now and they have a cardiac rehab program right in their facility! :] It's definitely an awesome thing to have since a lot of patients are often scared to start up anything after a heart attack (or have no idea what to start doing), but I'm not sure if every insurance company covers it(?).

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  4. My mom did this and it got me doing some too.


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